Chicago’s Puerto Rican Story
Understanding the Puerto Rican Diaspora

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Chicago's Puerto Rican Story, an 80 minute film, paints an inspiring portrait of the Puerto Rican experience in Chicago––which mirrors the migration experience of Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora. The film highlights Puerto Rico’s early history and political climate at the time of the “Great Migration.” The documentary probes the early years of migration, settlement, and struggles. It recollects the events and influences that shaped the political awareness and activism of the Puerto Rican community in Chicago. And it highlights the many contributions made by generations of Puerto Ricans who called Chicago home.

Through the use of vintage photographs and film footage--plus interviews with early migrants, community leaders, and noted historians--Chicago's Puerto Rican Story explores the wide range of social themes that include family, work, housing, and education. Here, are the results of integration as seen in the employment of Puerto Ricans by local police and fire departments, as well as the election of Puerto Ricans to local, state and federal offices. The film also emphasizes the accomplishments of political activism: social successes such as community organizations, educational reforms, health centers and clinics, and the creation of a vigorous cultural-commercial business district known as "Paseo Boricua."  

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Chicago’s Puerto Rican Story, a PBS premiered, documentary is the first documentary ever made about Chicago's Puerto Rican community.

A PBS Documentary Written/Produced & Directed by Antonio & Gloricelly Franceschi